Can I train my German Shepherd to protect me?

This article was originally published on German Shepherd Central on July 7, 2019. Personal protection training for your GSD If you are interested in protection training for your German Shepherd, here’s what you need to know before you start. Know your GSD’s temperament If you are purchasing a puppy, question the breeder carefully about protection […]

Protection Dog Definitions

Schutzhund/Police/Civil The Civil Personal Protection Dog is referred to as a dog owned by a civilian, which is trained to protect his owner by using his training to stop a physical attack upon his owner. A personal protection dog protects as a direct result from his training. These dogs are trained to be friendly toward […]

3 Key Elements to Dog Training

Minnesota Service Dog Trainer

As professional Dog Trainers In Minneapolis, we have discovered that there are three Primary Key Elements necessary for effective dog training: The Key Elements are: 1. Educate the Handler, or the “pack-leader”.Yes, that is you. In order to be an effective dog handler you must think of yourself as the pack-leader and trainer. Understanding how your dog learns and […]